Replacement Battery BP-A60

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Cheap Batteries BP-A60 CANON EOS C200/C200B/C220B/C300 Mark II PL

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Brand: canon
SKU: 19LW060_2_Oth
Type: Li-ion
Capacity: 6400mAh/92WH
Voltage: 14.4V
Color: Black

Can replace the following part numbers:


Fits the Following Models:

For CANON BP-A30/BP-A60/BP-A65/BP-A90/CG-A10/CG-A20
For CANON EOS C200/C200B/C220B/C300 Mark II PL
For CANON EOS C300 Mark III /EOS C500 EF mount 4K

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  • CANON Battery BP-A60
  • CANON BP-A60 Battery Replacement UK SHOP

    We mainly sell Cheap Batteries. All of our CANON BP-A60 battery have been rigorously tested for reliability and safety to ensure high-quality and standards. We guarantee our CANON BP-A60 battery for 1 year and we offer a 30 days money-back refund on every Cheap Batteries we sell.

    This battery is a non-original but brand-new general replacement battery. We mentioned the brand name and product model of CANON just to show that this battery is compatible with the CANON BP-A60 battery.
  • high quality cells

How to choose correct BP-A60 battery?

The shape of BP-A60 battery and the location of connection must be as same as your original battery.
Your BP-A60 battery part number or model is listed on the compatibility list before making a purchase.
You also can send the picture of your old BP-A60 battery to us and we can help you to choose it.
10.8v and 11.1 are compatible
14.4v and 14.8v are compatible
The 10.8v(=11.1v) and 14.4v(=14.8v) are the different voltages. They are not compatible. Please ensure you choose the right battery.

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When do I need to replace the BP-A60 battery ?

If you frequently experience unexpected shutdowns and / or battery life has significantly shortened, this replacement part will help you. Battery malfunction and service life can depend on many factors: charging cycles, age, temperature changes, so it is usually recommended to replace it every 2-3 years when its capacity drops to 80% or less.

What is battery charging cycles?

The reliability of lithium-ion/li-polymer batteries depends on the specifics of its use. Battery life is measured in charging cycles. One cycle is a cycle from full battery discharge (down to 0%) to full charge (up to 100%).

The battery can operate for approximately 500 full charge cycles, and exceeding the manufacturer's specified number of cycles can cause the battery to malfunction, usually its capacity is reduced and then the device discharges faster and needs to be recharged more often.

Recommendation: To prolong the life of the battery, you should try to start charging the battery from 15-25% and charge it up to 80%.

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